Julius K9 Selvlysende IDC® Ball med snor

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Julius K9 Selvlysende IDC® Ball med snor

Neongul, selvlysende motivasjonsleke for hunder, fra Julius-K9, kan fylles med godbiter, robust nylonsnor for kastelek og drakamp, ballen er av ekstremt holdbar silikongummi.
Ø = 6 cm

The neon colored IDC® fluorescent ball is made of silicon and it’s a perfect motivational toy for puppies and adult dogs as well.  Due to it’s special shape it imitates perfectly the moves of an escaping prey.  You can hide treats inside, so it gives your dog endless fun. 

Attention: please note that the fluorescent and phosphorescent light is not the same.  Only phosphorescent IDC® products glow in the dark.  The fluorescent ball is for playing with the dog in twilight conditions.